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5 Reasons to Consider Generators in NH

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**Please note that Air Design offers service to generators ONLY.  However, we take pride in informing our current and potential clients about the protection and convenience that generators provide during the blistering New England winters.  We are happy to provide your home or business with generator service and repair work to ensure it is ready for use this upcoming season!

The ever changing weather conditions of New England means that a severe storm can hit at any moment. Whether it’s the snow and ice of winter, or the heavy rain and winds of summer, extreme weather conditions can leave your home or business in the dark if you are ill-prepared. Here are five reasons why residents and business owners alike should consider generators in NH for every season.

No More Lights Out

Any kind of storm can put your home at risk for being left in the dark, which can be dangerous as well inconvenient. Owning a generator can help keep your lights up and running, allowing you to carry on your tasks and functions throughout any weather conditions.

Keep Food Safe

Not only can power outages disrupt your lighting, but they can also put your food at risk for spoilage. Generators can help power major appliances such as refrigerators and freezers, keeping your food cool and safe. This can also save you a great deal of money and hassle from cleanup and replacing food lost to spoilage, that can come without being equipped with a generator.

Avoid Flood Damage

During heavy downpours, your house or business could be at risk for flooding and costly damage. Generators can power up sump pumps in order to avoid the headaches and risks that can come with flooding, and keep your plumbing system operating smoothly.

Keep Comfortable

Losing power can leave you and your family out in the cold or in the blistering heat, both of which can be avoided with generators. Having a backup power supply provides your home with the coziness and security that comes with your heating or cooling system, to keep you comfortable throughout the storm.

Stay in Business

Does your business rely on the use of computer systems or refrigeration? A power outage can put your information or food supplies at risk for being lost, or interrupt your operations. Equipping your business with a generator can extend your service hours, and allow you to keep equipment up and running enough to save valuable and important data and resources.

When you are looking for service and repairs for generators in NH, call the experts at Air Design Services at 603-883-7197.