The Advantages of Variable Speed Technology

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The term “variable speed technology” simply refers to the ability of a heat pump or furnace to automatically vary its operating speed. That means a variable speed furnace or heat pump is able to operate in increments of its full capacity rather than always running at 100%. Current variable speed models on the market provide operating ranges from 100% down to 40%. This ability to vary the capacity means that the unit only provides what is needed and is therefore far more efficient than a single or two stage model. While a variable speed model is more money up front, the significant savings on monthly utility bills will pay back that investment.

Return on Investment

On average in the United States the need for 100% capacity is less than 5% of the year and the need for about 75% of the load is at 60% to 80% of the year according to ASHRAE (American society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning). This is why a variable speed furnace can easily pay back that up front larger cost.

Variable Speed = Comfort

Variable speed furnaces and air handlers also provide a more comfortable environment in the home especially when you want uninterrupted games on basta online casino.  The unit will run longer at a lower capacity removing more humidity during the cooling months making you feel drier and cooler. This can even allow you to raise the temperature, saving on your utility bill, while feeling just as comfortable. During the heating months a variable speed unit will also run longer at a lower capacity keeping an even heat; not the repeating blast of heat then cold then blast of heat again. If combined with a whole house humidifier the interior of the home will maintain a more consistent humidity level. This is because most humidifiers only run when the heat is calling; so the longer the blower motor on a furnace runs the more humidity can be put into your home.
If drier air makes you feel cooler then moist air makes you feel warmer and a variable speed furnace allows you to capitalize on this for a more comfortable environment at a lower utility cost. To learn more about lower costs go to cash installment loans direct lenders