Common Furnace Problems

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It might be nearing the end of winter, but furnace maintenance is always essential. This means calling out for maintenance and hoping that everything is working well. Like all other machines, furnaces need to be kept up with to run well and there are a few common problems associated with that routine care. Knowing what typical issues occur can help you avoid some disasters in the future.


Filters need to be changed every few months to avoid blocking the air flow into the furnace and causing it to work harder than it can handle. When the furnace is straining to blow air throughout the house for lengthier periods of time, its longevity can be impacted.

Wear and tear

When you notice that something seems off with the furnace, it is best to call for an inspection. The furnace is a huge piece of heating your home, and if a part stops working, then you could end up paying more later if you avoid it.


Sometimes, your furnace is not the problem when it comes to heating issues. If your thermostat stops working, so will the furnace. The thermostat controls when the heat kicks on so you need to ensure that your thermostat is accurate and in tip-top shape.

Control systems

Occasionally, the ignition or pilot controls stop working. There are two types of ignition systems for your furnace. One uses high voltage the other will use a heating element, but should these controls malfunction, your heat will not work at all.

These common problems are the main reason on why it is important for you to get regular inspections of your heating systems. This will check for common problems as well as problems you may have overlooked in your own examination.

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