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How Your HVAC System Works

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Air conditioning in NH is essential throughout the summer months. This luxury is something that many of us take for granted when we have it, and we quickly realize it’s importance in our lives. The process of achieving central air, however, is highly reliant on the mechanical aspects of your home.

Central cooling typically needs an outdoor piece and an indoor evaporator coil. These two items usually work with an air handler or the furnace already in your home. As you turn down the thermostat, you start the motion of the warm air through the system.

As the warm air moves through your home, the compressor pumps refrigerant throughout the system’s framework. The heat energy from the warm air is then transferred to the refrigerant that is inside the coils and allows the air to cool. The refrigerant is then pumped back into the compressor where everything begins again from the start. The heat that was absorbed by the refrigerant is removed to the outdoor unit, which is why it is important to keep all debris and dirt clear from your outside unit.

The convenient part about having central air is that it can share the same ductwork as your heating. This means that there is no need for you to reconstruct the framework of your house to accommodate central air. With a furnace, the main components are the burner to burn the fuel, heat exchanger, a blower, and flue. Typically run by gas or oil, your furnace pumps the warm air through the ductwork so adding a coil and condenser allows you to have central air, as well.

When you have a furnace, the gasses that are generated are passed through a heat exchanger. When the air from your home is blown across this exchanger, the air is warmed then sent through the ductwork. Similarly, with a central air unit, as the air is blown over the conditioning unit with the cooling coil which is usually attached to the air circulating fan it is cooled then passed through the ductwork.

When you have quality air conditioning in NH, the framework is usually already there and something any homeowner can have. Whether its installation, repairs or more, call Air Design Services at 603-883-7197.