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Humidify Your Home!

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While we are out of the dry winter season, it is a good time to start considering installing a whole home humidifier. Central Air Humidifiers are still relatively new technology, but it can save you time, money and allow you to “set it and forget it.” These humidifiers can help you throughout your whole house so that you don’t need multiple units in the rooms. Dry air can be a pest, so it a central air humidifier is best Impera Modern-Contemporary lacquer platform bed.

How they work

These humidifiers are quite simple and can be integrated into the current heating system. The air will pass through the humidifier while traveling through the duct system. This allows for the air to be humidified while it is being heated, removing the need for room humidifiers.

Another benefit is that the water is pumped from the plumbing. With room humidifiers, you need to be constantly refilling water in the machine. The central humidifiers will automatically take the water needed and are completely adjustable with a humidistat.

There are two types of humidifiers. The first type is called a Flow Through or a Trickle Humidifier. Fresh water drips into an aluminum panel. As the heated air flows through the panel, it forces the water to evaporate into the air. This type runs only when the furnace is running and the humidistat is calling for moisture. The excess water is drained into a special drain tube down to a condensate pump or other drain mechanism. These humidifiers should have maintenance annually by having the evaporator pad changed and the drain line kept clear and clean.

The second type of humidifier is a steam model. This type runs independently of the furnace and creates steam whenever the humidistat call for moisture. Once the steam is created the humidifier turns on the blower fan of the furnace to move the moisture throughout the duct work and into the home. These models also require annual maintenance. The water canisters must be cleaned or replaced every year.

Having a central air humidifier will save you time, upkeep, and money. For any questions about if an air humidifier is right for your home call Air Design Services today at 603-883-7197.