Importance of Indoor Air Quality

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Equipment is so advanced in 2017 that HVAC systems designs have integrated various technologies that improve indoor air quality. As a company that installs HVAC systems in Nashua, NH, and the surrounding area, we know how important indoor air quality is to the health and well-being of those living and staying in your home. Though you might know how essential it is, our professionals can tell you how it can be achieved:

Here are major components of creating healthy indoor air:

Superior air filters

Being able to get rid of the many airborne irritants which can impact your health is always a large concern- especially for those who have suffered the effects of these organisms in the past. The best filtration systems can remove bacteria, pollen, animal or pet dander, and other pollutants as small as 0.01 microns.

Ideal humidity levels

Did you know the ideal indoor humidity level is somewhere between 40-50%? This level of humidity prevents mold from growing while averting dust mite and bacteria influxes. Air Design can provide you with the humidifiers and dehumidifiers necessary to keep your home at the ideal levels, no matter the season in New England.

Access to fresh air

Filtering out the stale air in your home that can hold onto bacteria can be done by having access to the oxygen-rich air outside. Ventilators are an innovative way to ensure your home has fresh air from outside of your home, even during a cold New England winter.

Fortunately, HVAC installation is an easy decision when you can choose Air Design. We have the tools and resources to help accomplish these goals for your home. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, our licensed technicians would love to tell you all about how our central air systems can improve your indoor air quality.

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