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Making the Temperature Switch

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The warmer months are coming, and we can already picture the summer that is ahead of us. Being outdoors in 80-degree weather is normal but inside your home, however, should be a little more comfortable. It is time to prepare for getting your home ready for air conditioning in NH to be cranked down to cool your home for comfortable living.

Rather than just switching over to cooling your home, it is important to schedule your routine maintenance. The sooner you get it taken care of, the minute the thermometer starts to rise outside, you can turn down the dial on the thermostat.

Clean/replace filters

While this should be done every 3 or so months, it is always a good time to check your filters when you go to switch over to cooling your home. When you switch over, your technician can help you identify if you should clean or entirely replace the filters associated with your unit.

Clean the A/C condenser coils

The AC condenser coils are essential to be kept clean for the efficiency of the unit. The condenser coils allow for the heat to be cooled. The buildup of debris and dirt can interfere with the release of the air, cause the machine to work harder, and impact your cooling costs.

Clean and clear debris

As mentioned before, any debris around the unit could cause the unit to become less efficient. Any blockages caused by debris at any point in the outdoor unit can impact the air flow, causing the unit to work harder and possibly not even cool at all.

Check the coolant lines

If these lines are clogged in any way, the coolant will not be able to cool the air and will push warm air into your home. Remember, when the air first starts off the air will be warm, but it should cool almost immediately. The technician will be able to check the lines for you before the first use when you call them out for the switch over.

Test the unit

When the technician is done with their job, they will have tested the unit for you. This will make sure that the unit is in working order before the sweltering heat starts. Testing the unit is important to make sure that after all the regular maintenance and checks completed and inform you of any potential issues that must be repaired.

Air Conditioning in NH is a must have during the warm summer months. Heat waves are brutal and having a working AC will be a savior. It is best to schedule the maintenance check early with the skilled technicians from Air Design Services. Call us today at 603-883-7197.