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We understand these air conditioning technologies, work with them every day, and can help you make the best choice as to what type of an air conditioning system is best for your family. Our installations are performed by our own licensed skilled technicians who have extensive training in their trades and in our products. All our employees have been with us for 10 years or more!
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How Important is an Efficient Air Conditioning System for Your Home?

Not all air conditioning systems are created equal. And after a few years of use, not all air conditioning systems are maintained equally. That’s why hundreds of New Hampshire families rely on Air Design to help them select a quiet, efficient air conditioning system and then maintain it to stay functional for a long, long life.

Duel Fuel / Hybrid Heating & Cooling Systems

A hybrid heating and cooling system is simply a furnace matched up with a heat pump (rather than a straight AC) to provide both heating and cooling.
In New England our typical heating load temperature is around 40 degrees for about 50% of more of the year. When the temperature is above 38 degrees the system will use the extremely efficient electric heat pump to heat the house.  Once the temperature drops below the set point (that you choose) the furnace will turn on overriding the heat pump.  This can be a huge savings for your winter bills depending on the cost of oil or gas.  It can also be very convenient on those early Spring or Fall mornings when all you want is to “ZAP” the house with heat for a few minutes before you leave for work.

Central Air Conditioning

Ready to change the way your entire family views the summer months? Our central air conditioning systems feature the highest SEER efficiency ratings and the lowest decibel noise levels. Features like two-stage cooling help eliminate hot spots and maintain a more even, consistent temperature throughout your home. Expert installation is key to making sure the cool air is evenly distributed throughout your home, and the system operation is whisper-quiet.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless cooling systems allow you to cool one room or multiple rooms in a home, efficiently and economically — and without a messy, long installation. Save your windows from being blocked by bulky, heavy room air conditioners — but also save yourself the expense of a central air conditioning system — especially when your lifestyle is such that you don’t need the entire hose cooled at once.

High Velocity A/C & More…

Many antique structures and other homes where traditional air conditioning installations are difficult, are turning to high-velocity air conditioning: which combines much of the best of both central and ductless systems.We also offer dryer vent cleaning!

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