Our Goal

Every home is different, and every family is different. We’d be happy to sit down with you and discuss your family, your lifestyle, and your needs. Then we can zero in on the option that makes the most sense for you, and for your budget. All consultations are completely without obligation.

Duel Fuel / Hybrid & Cooling Systems

A hybrid heating and cooling system is simply a furnace matched up with a heat pump (rather than a straight AC) to provide both heating and cooling.

In New England our typical heating load temperature is around 40 degrees for about 50% of more of the year. When the temperature is above 38 degrees the system will use the extremely efficient electric heat pump to heat the house. Once the temperature drops below the set point (that you choose) the furnace will turn on overriding the heat pump. This can be a huge savings for your winter bills depending on the cost of oil or gas. It can also be very convenient on those early Spring or Fall mornings when all you want is to “ZAP” the house with heat for a few minutes before you leave for work.

Warm-air Furnaces

Our consultants and technicians can help you select a gas or oil furnace suited for any size house and any size budget. Advances in home heating technology means that your next furnace can use less fuel, be less noisy — and even detect when the air filter needs replacing!

Radiant & HydroAir Systems

Few contractors in New Hampshire are genuinely qualified to install and service radiant and hydro-air systems. Rest assured, our staff is experienced in these systems and possesses the knowledge and resources to help you make a good decision as to which of these advancing technologies might be right for you.

Forced Hot-water Boilers

Boilers run quietly and provide a pleasant warmth. And because they don’t use fans or blowers, they don’t contribute to blowing dust or dirt into the air. Like furnaces, advances in technology can allow you to save money every month on your energy bills with a new boiler. Ask us to help you compare brands and models.

Any Questions… We’ll be Happy to Help!

The Air Design team will assist you in not only choosing the best method of heating for your home, but we will inform you of the best rebates & incentives  being offered by manufacturers, utility companies & government agencies.  We are always focused on providing the best value to our clients.

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