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Stay Cool With HVAC Maintenance

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Customers call Air Design for HVAC maintenance in Nashua, NH throughout the entire summer. With HVAC and heating systems in NHwarmer weather here, you want to be prepared to utilize your central air and stay comfortable indoors! Regularly checking these problems can help prevent breakdowns and malfunctions.

Clearing debris around outdoor condenser

To guarantee the best airflow, remove debris, such as leaves, from the outside of your unit. While working on this task, also ensure if your unit has a drain, it is clear, as well.

Cleaning or replacing filters

Filters might be considered the easiest item to clean. Clean or replace the filters on your furnace when they begin to look clogged. This also will aid with airflow and avoid circulating dust into your home.

Cleaning condenser coils

Though the grate on your outdoor unit helps keep out some debris, it will likely need cleaning for the items that get through the cracks and clog your coils. Cleaning these items will improve airflow and help with energy efficiency.

Check coolant lines

The coolant lines are what allow cool air to be pumped into your home and are covered with foam or insulation to protect their energy. Replacing frayed or missing insulation can make a large difference in your central airs’ efficiency.

Test it

After your unit is cleaned and maintained to the best of your ability, allow it to dry and check it. This can indicate if any additional problem areas need to be addressed before the summer sun really sets in.

Hiring a professional maintenance service is often an ideal way to ensure your unit is running to the best of its ability. Investing in this service can give you peace of mind.

Avoid the unbearable heat of summer with a great central A/C system in NH. You will not regret all that these units can offer you, your home, and your family. Air Design’s team would be happy to help you determine which air system would be best for your home and how we can ensure a professional and safe installation.

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