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What is Hydro Air?

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The Air Design team installs a number of HVAC systems for our customers in the greater Nashua, NH area. Your comfort is what is most important to us, and for that reason, we have team members who are knowledgeable in different systems. One system we get questions about often is the Hydro Air system. What is Hydro Air? This system …

Importance of Indoor Air Quality

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Equipment is so advanced in 2017 that HVAC systems designs have integrated various technologies that improve indoor air quality. As a company that installs HVAC systems in Nashua, NH, and the surrounding area, we know how important indoor air quality is to the health and well-being of those living and staying in your home. Though you might know how essential …

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Stay Cool With HVAC Maintenance

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Customers call Air Design for HVAC maintenance in Nashua, NH throughout the entire summer. With warmer weather here, you want to be prepared to utilize your central air and stay comfortable indoors! Regularly checking these problems can help prevent breakdowns and malfunctions. Clearing debris around outdoor condenser To guarantee the best airflow, remove debris, such as leaves, from the outside …

HVAC in Nashua NH from Air Design Services

Making the Temperature Switch

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The warmer months are coming, and we can already picture the summer that is ahead of us. Being outdoors in 80-degree weather is normal but inside your home, however, should be a little more comfortable. It is time to prepare for getting your home ready for air conditioning in NH to be cranked down to cool your home for comfortable …