Tips for Saving on Cooling

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When the warm weather begins, every homeowner dreads that first electric bill once the central air has been turned on. Central Air in NH can be pricey depending on how much house you need to cool; there is no denying it. While cooling your home is typically expensive, there are a few tricks that we have learned the past few years to help save your wallet during the peak summer months.

Turn down the air setting when you go to work or at night

Before the invention of smart setting thermostats remembering to turn down, or off your central AC was difficult. Thankfully smart thermostats allow you to set time frames before and after you are at work or sleeping to be able to adjust the temperature. This will help save on your electricity bill by only cooling when individuals are home.

Utilize fans if you have them

While fans do not necessarily cool a room down, they help to circulate the air which, which makes the room seem cooler. Like the AC, fans should not stay on all the time but instead turned on when you are in a particular room.

The recommended temperature is 78 degrees

According to the Department of Energy, this magical number ideal for when you are home and need cooling. This suggestion is made because the, “higher interior temperature will slow the flow of heat into your house, saving energy on air conditioning.” Though it might sound warm, a 78-degree home on a 90-degree will feel fantastic.

Adjust which vents are open

Remember that hot air rises, so it is key to open the vents in the highest point in your home and keep the lowest vents closed. Though this trick sounds abnormal, it is a way to help save on electricity. Making this adjustment will allow for a circular effect to happen naturally.

When you work with Central Air in NH, finding out what will work best for the home and yourself can be tricky. These few tips can help you to save a keep a few more dollars in your wallet during the warm summer months.

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