Upkeep and Your HVAC

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Like any investment, maintenance of your commercial HVAC unit in NH is essential in a commercial space. These machines work hard to regulate the air in a business building, and when neglected, small problems can arise. Checking the ductwork, ensuring the unit is clear of debris, and changing filters can have a severe impact on the machines ability to do its job. Many of these minor issues can be easily fixed when you call the right group of technicians. If you’ve forgotten to have your unit maintained in some time, keep an eye out for these common problems.

Running rough

When your HVAC unit seems to be struggling to heat up or cool down your building fully, it could need the professional touch of a technician to troubleshoot these issues before they grow to a larger concern.

Air flow inconsistencies

The discrepancies include temperature variation between rooms and could indicate a clog or some disconnect within the unit itself. A professional can assess your unit from top to bottom to ensure efficiency.

Leaking coolant

When your unit isn’t cooling as it should be, you may be running low on coolant/refrigerant. Having the proper levels of coolant allows for the air to be regulated when circulating through the ductwork. Without coolant, warm air will only be pushed through your building.

Burned capacitors

Two capacitors help an HVAC unit run. If these capacitors burn out, they can either not start at all or will not continue to operate at the right amperage. While a running capacitor can allow the motor to turn on, it can cause it to overheat and cut its life expectancy.

Regular maintenance with your commercial HVAC in NH is key to keeping your office comfortable in the summer months. These common problems are easy to fix and avoid as long as you make a schedule with your techs to continue maintenance on a regular interval.

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