What Your Ducts Are Actually Made Of

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Having a better understanding of your central air unit in NH can better prepare you for understanding potential repairs, problem areas, and the best way to utilize the machine for your home. In a typical HVAC system, there are usually three essential components. These elements are critical to making sure that your home cooling/heating system runs correctly and is up to standard for many of the companies that do the work on the systems. The three components consist of:

  • An outside unit. This can be either a compressor or a heat pump
  • The indoor unit which is either the air handler or the gas/oil furnace with a coil
  • The ductwork that is present in your home

Defined on Ductwork.com, ductwork is a term that includes the whole system of “runs” that carry the conditioned air from the air handler/furnace to individual rooms throughout your home.

The most important aspect of duct work is the sizing and design. It is necessary for the duct to be sized to meet the correct amount of air flow cfm’s (the amount of air that can move through the duct) required by the size of your home and equipment. For example, if the duct is sized properly to move three tons of air (36,000 cfm’s) and a five-ton air conditioning system is installed then that system will not work properly and will freeze up the condenser and stop working.

The most common form of ductwork, especially for older homes, is metal. Usually made of galvanized steel, these round pipes or square/rectangular lines are typically made from a sheet metal, formed to the shape that is needed. These ductwork pieces are for the supply/return boxes that connect to the unit that is outside the home, or the furnace. With metal, the pieces are usually lined either inside or out with insulation. Metal ductwork is used because though it needs a specialized technician to work with it, it provides longevity and is easy to clean or dry should anything flood.

Another common type of ductwork you find in the home is usually called flex. This is a flexible, round metal that usually has a plastic liner, and then a small layer of insulation can be used to move around any floor joists or plumbing so that you can vent into any room of your home from the main ductwork. Due to its nature, it is a bit rougher on the inside, but due to its cheap price tag, it is easier to replace than the metal or fiberglass ductwork.

Your ductwork is the most important part of your HVAC system design. Without the proper ductwork or even the proper installation, your home could be susceptible to a variety of issues. For any issues with your HVAC system call Air Design Services at 603-883-7197 for a free estimate.