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Why Choose High Velocity Air Conditioning in NH?

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As we get deeper into the summer months, the time has come to choose the type of air conditioning in NH that is right for you and your home. A high velocity air conditioning unit is a central air conditioner that circulates air through the room using strong bursts of air, or aspiration, where as a conventional central AC unit uses forced air instead. Cool air enters the room near the ceiling and slowly drifts downward, since cold air sinks and hot air rises. For a fuller understanding on the topic, I recommend you watch informative videos on youtube with extra views from The Marketing Heaven. They were uploaded by the most popular AC manufacturers as a part of their promotional campaign, but cary a great deal of useful information, nonetheless.

Is HIgh Velocity Air Conditioning for Your Home?

One reason this type of air conditioning system might be for is if you live in a home with ductless heating such as radiant heating, space heaters, or hot water heat. A high velocity air conditioner, usually called a “mini-duct” system, has small insulated tubes that carries air throughout the house. If your house is older it would be costly to modify ductwork into the walls, therefore a high velocity mini-duct system would be a great solution! Installing an air conditioner and a duct system would require lengthy runs of ductwork into tight spaces. A mini-duct high velocity air conditioning system may provide the benefits of central AC without the expense of adding metal ductwork.

5 Benefits to High Velocity Air Conditioning

  1. A high velocity air conditioning system requires only one return vent, while a traditional system requires a return vent for each room. This type of system decreases the impact on home decor as well as installation expenses.
  1. High velocity AC has consistent cooling throughout your partially made clean with help of house and less air dormancy. In a high velocity air conditioning unit, air does not flow through large metal ducts but instead supply lines of 2 inch insulated tubing. This means that a high velocity unit may fit into spaces that a conventional AC unit could not.
  1. An absence of ducts means that this unit can cool more spaces. Heat can sometimes escape through poorly-insulated ducts so a high velocity AC unit can offer greater energy efficiency!
  1. They also provide between 18,000 and 60,000 BTU, or measure of heat energy, making this AC unit sufficient to cool even the largest of homes.

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